First, the music.  

Next season, La Follia is going Back to Bach: five concerts featuring exclusively the music of perhaps the greatest composer in Western music: Johann Sebastian Bach.  Experience the music of the Master in depth, performed with period instruments and performance practices he used.

Our exciting lineup include

     September 2nd, 8pm and 3rd, 3pm, 2017
     Brandenburg Concertos.  We perform Brandenburg Concertos 3, 5, and 6, as well as the Orchestral Suite in B minor.
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     October 14th, 8pm, and 15th, 3pm, 2017
     Chamber Music. We perform intimate chamber music by Bach, featuring the Trio Sonata from the Musical Offering, the flute sonata in A major, the solo violin sonata in g minor, and the gamba sonata 2 in D major. 
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     January 5th, 8pm and 6th, 3pm, 2018 (Note this is a Friday-Saturday concert)
     Bach’s Herd of Harpsichords.  A reprise of one of our most popular concerts of all time.  Concertos for 1, 2, 3, and 4 harpsichords by J. S. Bach.
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     February 17th, 8pm and 18th, 3pm, 2018
     Cantatas performed as Bach performed them.  We perform 3 Bach cantatas in the manner we now know he typically performed them: using minimal orchestra and one-on-a-part chorus.  The resulting transparency and flexibility is astonishing.  Featured is the famous solo cantata Ich habe genug with Gil Zilkha, bass. James Andrewes, frequent director for the Bach Cantata Project in Bloomington, Indiana, leads La Follia.
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     April 7th, 8pm and 8th, 3pm, 2018
     Concertos by Bach, with Anton Nel.  The incomparable Anton Nel performs on harpsichord in the Triple Concerto and the E major concerto.  Stephen Redfield, concertmaster, performs the A minor violin concerto.
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KMFA Classical 89.5 celebrity announcers will present a free lecture on Bach and the music prior to each concert.

Next, the venue.

We are excited to announce our new venue for the 2017-2018 season: Redeemer Presbyterian Church.  Centrally located in the revitalized East Austin neighborhood near Manor and Alexander avenues, it features excellent acoustics and temperature control, great sight lines to the stage, ample, safe, well-lit, and free parking, full ADA compliance, and proximity to the best Austin restaurants like East Side Cafe and Dai Due.  Read more about it at Redeemer’s website.

Buy your subscription now and save.

Subscriptions prices are roughly 10% lower than individual concert prices.  If you can't use your tickets for a particular concert, you may share them with a friend, even if you have arranged for "Will call." Just email to notify them of the change.  With a subscription, you may attend either performance for each concert.